Project Simplify: Fillin' Up the Tank.

Sometime in the middle of last year I had an epiphany. Steve and I were in year 9 of our marriage and our communication just wasn't what it used to be. {anyone relate?}

So we started talking about Love Languages- anyone read this?  Yeah. Well the thing is, I may have a different idea of what "acts of service" or "encouragement" or any of the other love languages (and FYI there are more than 5;) than Steve does. So to get around this little communication hiccup, we decided that at the end of the day we would ask each other if we each felt loved that day and what it was that made us feel loved.

I'm not gonna lie. This has been HUGE for us.

I now know that Steve feels loved when there's no clutter on the tops of our counters and dressers. Steve now knows that I feel loved when the dishwasher is emptied or laundry started without me mentioning it. Of course there are a myriad of other things, but those are just a couple.

To start off 2012 with a bang, I decided to make this process even more simple- and fun- I drew some inspiration from one of my new obsessions. I saw this and wanted to put my own unique spin on it. Mostly because the reason I love my hunk of burning love,  isn't because of anything he does or says- you get my drift right?

Anyway this little DIY project cost me ZERO dollars {my fave}. I just printed it up on a white piece of paper and used an old frame I had already, used a dry-erase marker we already had and here she is...

beautiful isn't it?

Let the sweet messages of how we feel loved fill up our tanks.

***PS  I walked by later in the day and saw this gem.***
sometimes feeling loved has less to do with an elaborate night on
the town and more about putting my boots away, all 4 pairs.
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