How to Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent

I'm reposting this since it is looking to be the buggiest summer in Michigan with all the floods we've had here lately.   ENJOY!

For the majority of the country (save, Texas) there has been record-breaking rain which now means record breaking amounts of pesky things that buzz around your head and suck your blood.

J must think I'm a crazy person. I've been running around the house chasing these things that he now calls "quitos" with my shoes, smearing them on walls, cabinets, carpets or body parts. I don't discriminate, especially after killing 12 of them in one day (INSIDE our house!!) I knew it was bad when J grabbed a shoe a few days ago and started hitting the wall. I couldn't exactly tell him not to.
I was desperate to find some kind of a solution and didn't want to resort to spraying chemicals all over our yard which would last like 5 seconds *doing that and washing your car will guarantee rain in approx 24 hours* so I went online.

I found a recipe for vanilla body butter -which my mom and I made several weeks ago which was yummy (in a non-edible way) and smelled so good, especially after we added Lavender to it. Then I had a brilliant idea (if i do say so myself) ---use Eucalyptus instead of Vanilla & Lavendar *mosquitos can't stand the stuff* Possible brilliance? More than likely.

It seemed to work for J and I at our nephew's baseball game (when everyone else got tore up). But the true test was when Steveo gave it a whirl. Mosquitos love the man and he gets huge welts because he's allergic to them. So off daddy went, in shorts and a tank top to mow the lawn but not before slathering the eucalyptus body butter all over his manly body. It was about 7:00pm (twilight-ish) and he returned unscathed! We couldn't believe it!

It wasn't until after he had showered and was sitting on the couch that he got bit by one of those suckas! haha.

My mother in law suggested this become my new cottage industry (because apparently I need another one) but making body butter is not my passion. BUT because I love you and I know you will enjoy summer a lot more without getting tore up--- I will spill the beans on the secret sauce so you can slather it on and call it done. The only thing I ask is that you share this page and therefore this blog with others when they ask you about your secret sauce. Pinky swear?

Here's the goods.
This is the portion of the program where I tell you that you can use any container you have sitting around the house, including what i used for this batch, the veggie boullion jar. {Our repellent may or may not have the slight smell of veggies upon opening the jar ...glad I didn't use the red thai curry paste jar. }
Because oils do break down if exposed to prolonged sunlight, it's recommended by professionals that you use a colored jar or just don't keep it out all the time. We do like putting ours in the fridge so it's not melty (the coconut oil will get liquidy when warm) plus it feels good putting on.
So how much did it cost?
I'm happy to report that a little goes a long way, we just finished our first batch of the stuff and shared it with lots of people.
Being able to make super awesome stuff that has no chemicals in it and actually moisturizes the skin AND keeps the blood suckers away- PRICELESS.
Let me know what you think!

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